The Springs At Stone Oak


Welcome To The Springs at Stone Oak!

Enjoyed by 86 neighbors, our gated community is located on Stone Oak Parkway, just east of Evans Road, in San Antonio's Stone Oak area.  Our neighborhood's developers, Ryland Homes and David Weekly Homes, opened their respective model home in The Springs in 1998, and the neighborhood's 86 homesites were built out by 2002.


Current HOA/Nearby actions are provided by clicking HERE.

Homeowners and other residents are strongly encouraged to register your email address with the Springs At Stone Oak HOA by emailing HOA generated e-mails are sent to members on the e-mail list infrequently - typically to announce upcoming HOA Board of Director meetings, as required by State law, or to provide information that is time sensitive.

You can also contact the Board of Directors using that e-mail address with questions or concerns about our neighborhood. 



N-E-W:  Your HOA needs a Springs homeowner to voluteer to be appointed to the Board of Directors to fill a position that was not filled at the 2019 Annual General Member Meeting due to a lack of a volunteer for the Board member election at that meeting.  The volunteer would be appointed by the Board of Directors, per our HOA Bylaws, and would serve until the AGMM in early 2021. The current Board of Directors would then elect the new member to one of the Officer positions, also per our Bylaws.  Officer positions include the HOA President, 1st and 2nd Vice Presidents, Treasurer, and Secretary (see the note under "Board of Directors" listing on the Info tab's "Our Information".  Please contact any current Board member or our HOA Manager if you are interested in filling the Board of Directors vacancy!

Your HOA also eagerly seeks a volunteer to fill the existing vacancy on the Architectural Review Committee (ARC), the only HOA Committee specifically addressed in our CCRs, due to its importance in maintaining the architectural standards of our neighborhood.

The pay for ARC members is low (actually, nonexistent), but the positions require less than 10 hours a year of the members' time.  A description of the ARC member responsibilities are listed in the Contact List under the Our Info tab, or click on here.

Please contact any member on the Board of Directors or the Association Manager if you are interested in serving your community by becoming a member of the ARC.

Other opportunities exist for Springs residents to assist our HOA. Current volunteer vacancies and the description of each are listed in the Contact List under the Our Info tab.


Springs Residents:

If you notice anything in our neighborhood's common areas that needs quick attention by the HOA (i.e. gushing water from a broken water sprinkler head; entry or exit gate stuck closed or partially closed, etc.) please contact the Association Manager at

800-998-6721, email,

or any member of the Board of Directors.  Contact information can be accessed by clicking on here.


Our HOA Website

Our website includes areas that anyone with Internet access can view, and other restricted areas that contain HOA-specific information. You must be a registered website member to view the "Meet Your Neighbors" section and certain documents - such as HOA Financial Reports and HOA Member and Board Meeting Minutes and Notices - in the "Pages & Links" section. Only homeowners and residents of The Springs at Stone Oak will be accepted as members.

To request Membership Access simply click the link under "Membership," on the right side of this page.

Website Questions Contact the website administrator at


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