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See "Info for New (and "Old")  Neighbors in The Springs" in the "Neighborhood Information" section on this website's Pages & Links page to find out about utilities, solid waste and recycle collection, our servicing post office, our access gate system operations, and other important information that many new (and "old") Springs owners and residents need to know.

Documents for Homeowners

Many of the documents that each Springs homeowner should have are available on this website's Pages & Links tab.  Those documents include:

  • The Springs Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CCRs): The rules that intend "to seek to achieve the best and highest use and most appropriate development of the property; to protect lot owners against improper use of surrounding lots; to preserve so far as practical the natural beauty of the property; to guard against the erection of poorly designed or proportioned structures of improper or unsuitable materials; to encourage and secure the erection of attractive improvements on each lot with appropriate locations; and to secure and maintain proper setbacks from streets and adequate free space."

In addition to the official, recorded version of the CCRs and each of its amendments provided on the website as required by State law, the "Consolidated CCRs" document allows you to browse through all of the CCRs, including all amendments, Board of Director Resolutions, changes resulting from Texas Legislature laws addressing HOA activities, and other modifications that have been made over the years, all in one document.

{Note:  The HOA's Management Company inspects the community at least once a month to check compliance of the CCRs by all residents.  First time violations are usually identified to the responsible resident by a "friendly reminder" letter; repeat violations or violators become subject to fines if violations are not quickly corrected or continue to be repeated.}

  • The Springs Owners Association Bylaws: The rules by which the Springs Owners Association operates.

In addition to the official, recorded version of the Bylaws and each of its amendments provided on the website as required by State law, the "Consolidated Bylaws" document allows you to browse all of the Bylaws articles, including all amendments, changes resulting from Texas Legislature laws addressing HOA activities, and other modifications that have been made over the years, all in one document.

  • The Springs Reserve Analysis Study, providing the information needed to assist the HOA and its Manager in determining and allocating HOA funds to maintain the facilities and systems located in the community's common areas.  Such items include the streets, playground equipment and gazebo in the park, the fences behind the park and along Stone Oak Parkway, common area landscaping and mowing, the entrance gate system, common area irrigation system, etc.  Five Studies have been compiled and published for The Springs - September 1, 2000; April 11, 2006; August 25, 2009; November 9, 2015, and December 8, 2020.  The 2020 edition is available in the Financial Section on this website's Pages & Links tab .
  • The current year HOA Budget providing the anticipated income and expenses of the Springs Owners Association, presented by major categories (utilities, grounds, taxes/insurance, etc.).  Like other HOA financial documents, the HOA Budget is accessible by registered website members only.
  • The Architectural Improvement Request, required to be submitted by any Springs owner before an external improvement is started. Requests must be decided upon by the HOA's Architectural Review Authority (ARC) within 30 days after a request has been accepted. Questions regarding the Improvement Request Form process or requirements can be submitted to Hill Country Management at (800) 998-6721.  

The requirement for prior approval by the ARC for any external improvements or changes to your property's appearance (new roof of non-standard color or material, landscaping, non-standard fence stain, house paint, pool installation, door colors, gazebos, sheds, etc.) is intended to protect the value of your property, the other properties in our neighborhood, and to avoid a homeowner from having to remove installed improvements due to the lack of an approved request. The ARC has 30 days to approve requests.  The 30 day approval time-line starts when all necessary information has been submitted and accepted, to include but not limited to color selection, schematics, drawing, photos, etc.

FAILURE TO SUBMIT THE IMPROVEMENT REQUEST AND APPLICABLE ATTACHMENTS PRIOR TO CONSTRUCTION MAY RESULT IN DENIAL OF YOUR REQUEST FOR IMPROVEMENT. If any change is made without prior approval, the Committee has the right and authority to require the homeowner to remove the improvement from his property and return the property to its original condition, at owner expense.

Please see CCR Article IV, Architectural Review Authority, for additional information on the Improvement Request process.  Specific conditions and restrictions for most improvement projects are provided in other CCR articles, including: Article VI, Outbuilding Requirements; Article VII, Building Materials; Article XI, Signs, Flags and Flagpoles; Article XIII, Landscaping; Article XIX, Water, Sewer, and Rain-Harvesting Systems; Article XX, Dishes, Antenna, and Solar Energy Devices; Article XXI, Clothes Hanging Devices; Article XXIV, Drainage Easements; Article XXV, Garages; and others.

Note:  the listed documents are in Adobe Reader (.pdf) format and can be accessed, viewed, and printed from the "Pages & Links" tab on this website.  Other documents that are not available on this website, but are desired by a Springs homeowner, may be available from the Association Manager.

The Springs E-Mail List

If you're a Springs resident and are not on the Springs e-mail list to receive periodic Springs information, please send an e-mail to the Springs HOA Website Manager or to the HOA Management Company, Hill Country Homeowners Management Company to have your name and e-mail address added to the list.  If you're a registered member of our website, the e-mail address that you used during registration has already been added to the Springs e-mail list.

HOA-related e-mails are sent to owners on the e-mail list infrequently - typically to announce upcoming HOA Board of Director meetings, as required by State law, or to provide information that is time sensitive.  The e-mails are addressed using "blind carbon copy" (bcc) for each addressee, which displays only the individual recipient's e-mail address, thereby helping to prevent your e-mail address from being "harvested" for use other than its intended purpose.

If you are currently on our e-mail list, please make sure your spam-blocker recognizes our HOA e-mail address as a valid one, otherwise the important information we provide to you through the e-mails will end up in your inaccessible spam or Junk Mail folder.  To ensure delivery of Springs At Stone Oak HOA email to your inbox, simply add the e-mail address of the Springs website coordinator to your email address book or "Safe Senders" list in your e-mail program.  And, of course, if you change your e-mail address, please send an e-mail providing your new e-mail address.

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