The Springs At Stone Oak

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The Springs HOA Management and Contact Information


HOA Mailing Address:

Springs at Stone Oak Owners Association
11844 Bandera Rd # 466
Helotes, TX 78023


Managed By:
Hill Country Homeowners Management Company
11844 Bandera Rd, PO Box 466
Helotes, TX 78023
800-998-6721 Phone
210-787-4133 Fax


Board Meetings:

Open Board of Director meetings are conducted quarterly at a location, time, and date announced at least 72 hours prior to the meeting.


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Board of Directors

Gary Bushover
(Director Term expires:  2022 )

1st Vice President
Dr. Rangaswami Vasan
(Director Term expires:  2022)

2nd Vice President
David Contreras
(Director Term expires:  2023)

Eric Laucks
(Director Term expires:  2023)

Jim Vorlop
(Director Term expires:  2022)

Association Manager:

Jennifer Valdez, Hill Country Homeowners Association Management

All Directors and the Association Manager are available to residents at any reasonable time; please do not hesitate to contact the Association Manager or any member of the Board of Directors with a concern, question, or suggestion.

All Board meetings are open to residents and are announced on this website's Calendar and/or on the entrance marquee, and in HOA e-mails at least 72 hours before each meeting. Please feel free to attend.  Should you desire to address a concern, issue, or recommendation at the meeting, please make your desires known and identify the topic at least three business days in advance of the meeting date to any Board member or the Association Manager to allow preliminary research on the topic. A time limit of 3-5 minutes may be imposed on such topics in order to accommodate the time restrictions associated with Board meetings.



Committees (Contacts)

Architectural Review Committee (ARC)
Matt Colton, Chairman
VACANT - Homeowner Volunteer Needed

Bill Branstetter
Bob Dumais
Jack Shuffield

{Duties: review Architectural Improvement Requests submitted by owners to Hill Country HOA Management's Architectural Control Committee (ACC) Department, using our CCRs to help determine whether the request should be approved or not.  Frequency of requests:  < 1/month.  See Article IV, Architectural Review Committee, in our CCRs for details on the ARC responsibilities and processes.  Requires an e-mail address and Internet connectivity in order to receive and send Improvement Request documents.}


Report CCR Violation to Association Manager

Complete and submit THIS FORM to report a CCR violation.

Telephone number 800-998-6721 x404

Gate Department: Request new, additional, or temporary/party gate codes, purchase remotes,. e-mail or fax Gate Code and Remote Request Form (Click here) or call (800) 998-6721.


Landscape Maintenance Liaison
Dr. Rangaswami Vasan

{Duties: Serve as liaison between HOA landscape/mowing contractor and Board of Directors should questions or issues arise from either party. Coordinate with Board when contractor recommends additional one-time or recurring tasks needed for landscape/irrigation stability; coordinate with contractor when additional tasks are approved and funded by Board of Directors.  Coordinate with contractor should any common area landscaping appear in need of added emphasis (weeds, ant mounds, standing water after irrigation, etc.)  Maintain HOA copy of keys to above-ground controllers.  Analyze trends in landscaping, irrigation system, and water utility costs as provided in monthly HOA Income Statement; advise Board and contractor as appropriate.  When appropriate, adjust/program irrigation system operation or zone run times on two electricity-powered controllers and on two battery-operated controllers, based on recommendations from the SAWS Garden Style Conservation newsletter and the 10-day forecast provided by Intellicast.  Ensure landscape irrigation and improvement expenses do not exceed budgeted levels.  Frequency of tasks:  3-5 times/month March-October, < 2 times/month during winter months.}


Marquee Manager
Connie DeMeo

{Duties: Post notices on marquee from information provided by Board of Directors, Association Manager, residents, current local events, and required by State law (e.g., Board meeting notices).  Frequency of tasks: 2-4 times/month}


Community Park Pet Waste Station Manager

Dr. Rangaswami Vasan
Connie DeMeo
VACANT - Homeowner Volunteer Needed

{Duties: Replenishes pet waste bags and waste container liners as needed.  Removes full waste container liners for disposal in park solid waste cart for collection.  Reorders pet waste bags and waste container liners when needed. Frequency of tasks: 2-3 times/month}


HOA Website Manager
Gary Bushover

{Duties:  Manages the content of the HOA's website; adds, deletes and modifies website information to maintain currency and relevancy.  Frequency of tasks:  1-3x week}

Stone Oak POA Neighborhood Committee? Representative

Connie DeMeo

{Duties:  Represent the Springs at Stone Oak at the Stone Oak POA committee comprised of other Stone Oak HOA representatives. Shares info from the Stone Oak POA and from the committee with Springs HOA Board of Directors, website coordinator, and owners; provides input at committee meetings based on input from Springs Board of Directors and/or owners.  Frequency: 1 meeting/month - the committee meets the second Wednesday of every month (except December and January) at 7:00pm in the Director's Room at the Club at Sonterra, 901 E. Sonterra Boulevard.  Meetings are kept to one hour.}

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Jul 31: Springs HOA Assessment Due
Aug 1: Springs HOA Assessment Late
Aug 25: Springs HOA 3rd Quarter Board Meeting
San Antonio, Texas 78258

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