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HOA Mailing Address:


Board Meetings:

Quarterly: 2nd or 3rd Wednesday of each fiscal quarter. Location TBD.


Board of Directors


Jesse Ramon
(Director Term expires:     )

1st Vice President 
Mike Tijerina
(Director Term expires:     )

2nd Vice President
Jason Liu
(Director Term expires:     )

Melanie Colton
(Director Term expires:     )


(Director Term expires:     )

Association Manager:


Hill Country Homeowners Association Management


All Directors and the Association Manager are available to residents at any reasonable time; please do not hesitate to contact the Board of Directors ( or Association Manager (pending) with a concern, question, or suggestion.

All Board meetings are open to residents and are announced on this website's Calendar, on the entrance marquee and in HOA e-mails at least 72 hours before each meeting. Please feel free to attend.  Should you desire to address a concern, issue, or recommendation at the meeting, please make your desires known and identify the topic at least three business days in advance of the meeting date to any Board member or the Association Manager so that the meeting agenda can be modified and to allow preliminary research on the topic. A time limit of 3 minutes will normally be imposed on such topics in order to accommodate the time restrictions associated with Board meetings.

NOTE: Telephone numbers for Directors can be found in The Springs At Stone Oak Resident Directory.


Committees (Contacts)

Architectural Review Committee (ARC)
Tom Ryan, Chairperson
Matt Colton
Mike Tijerina


{Duties: review Architectural Improvement Requests submitted by owners to First Service Residential's Architectural Control Committee (ACC) Department, using our CCRs to help determine whether the request should be approved or not.  Frequency of requests:  < 1/month.  See Article IV, Architectural Review Committee, in our CCRs for details on the ARC responsibilities and processes.  Requires an e-mail address and Internet connectivity in order to receive and send Improvement Request documents.}

CCR & Bylaws Revision Committee 
Tom Ryan, Chairperson
Mike Jennings
Jesse Ramon
{Duties: review the HOA's current governing documents to identify areas for addition, modification, and/or deletion.  Committee recommendations provided to the Board of Directors and Association Manager for examination, submitted to the HOA attorney for legal review, and presented to HOA members for approval.}

Action Request for Association Management Pending

Hill Country Homeowners Association Management HCHAM 

Action Request Form PendingComplete the form (click on link at left) and include as much detail in the comment box as you can provide (addresses, dates, location, names, error messages etc.). Anonymous Reports are not processed; requestor names are not shared and are confidential, unless permission is given to share.   Action Request Form can be used to request assistance or information on: payments, HOA dues amounts, updating billing or ACH e-check info, HCHAM's website help, access gate and remotes, property issues [see below], Resale Certificates, Committee interest or volunteer.

Telephone number Pending


CCR Violations
Hill Country Homeowners Association Management 

Hill Country Homeowners Association
11844 Bandera Rd #466
Helotes, TX 78023



Property Issue (address required)” (check Property Issue box on Action Request Form), or telephone (Pending)
 Note:  If you are reporting a CCR violation, the resolution process is 30 - 90 days from the manager's verification of the violation. Anonymous reports are not processed. Reporter’s names are not shared and are confidential, unless permission is given to be named. You may upload supporting documents or images of common property issues or suspect CCR violations at end of the form.

Telephone number Pending

Gate Department: Request gate codes, purchase remotes, report access code or gate malfunctions

Gate Code Request and Remote Control Purchase Form  Complete form to purchase remotes, request a new gate code or temporary access/party code, report access code or gate malfunctions. To activate purchased and shipped remotes, please call the gate department upon receipt of the remote(s).


Landscape Redesign Committee [2016 Project]

{At least 3 committee members desired (minimum one Board member); committee to be formed in 2016.  Duties:  Provide guidance to Landscape Redesign Design Contractors on desired redesign criteria for front entrance, marquee island, and Granite Spring middle island.  Redesign is intended to replace existing common area landscaping with drought-tolerant, low/no maintenance landscaping requiring infrequent drip irrigation watering only.  Receives and analyzes contractor-developed redesigns, presents analysis and recommendations to Board of Directors and homeowners.  Project execution will require special assessment for funding.}  

Landscape Maintenance Liaison
Jesse Ramon

{Duties: Serve as liaison between HOA landscape/mowing contractor and Board of Directors should questions or issues arise from either party. Coordinate with Board when contractor recommends additional one-time or recurring tasks needed for landscape/irrigation stability; coordinate with contractor when additional tasks are approved and funded by Board of Directors.  Coordinate with contractor should any common area landscaping appear in need of added emphasis (weeds, ant mounds, standing water after irrigation, etc.)  Maintain HOA copy of keys to above-ground controllers.  Analyze trends in landscaping, irrigation system, and water utility costs as provided in monthly HOA Income Statement; advise Board and contractor as appropriate.  When appropriate, adjust/program irrigation system operation or zone run times on two electricity-powered controllers and on two battery-operated controllers, based on recommendations from the SAWS Garden Style Conservation newsletter and the 10-day forecast provided by Intellicast.  Ensure landscape irrigation and improvement expenses do not exceed budgeted levels.  Frequency of tasks:  3-5 times/month March-October, < 2 times/month during winter months.}


Marquee Manager
Tom Ryan

{Duties: Post notices on marquee from information provided by Board of Directors, Association Manager, residents, current local events, and required by State law (e.g., Board meeting notices).  Frequency of tasks: 2-4 times/month}


Social Event Coordinator/Holiday Decorator


{Duties: Coordinates neighborhood social events (Easter Egg Hunt, Christmas Light Decoration Contest, "Block" Parties, etc.) sponsored and funded by the HOA.   Coordinates or serves as the installer for holiday decorations at the Front Entrance/Monument area, using HOA-provided lights and other decorations.  Stores decorations and other items used in performing the duties.}

HOA Website & E-mail List Manager
Mike Tijerina

{Duties:  Manages the content of the HOA's website; adds, deletes and modifies website information to maintain currency and relevancy.  Maintains and updates as needed the Consolidated Bylaws and Consolidated CCRs documents, providing one current document that consolidates the seperate recorded governing documents into easier-to-read copies of the Bylaws and CCRs. Manages and maintains HOA e-mail list, including establishing an HOA e-mail address used to send and receive HOA e-mails to and from homeowners and residents..  Transmits HOA e-mails when needed for time sensitive and other important HOA information, using "blind carbon copy (bcc)" addressing to lessen the risk of the e-mail list and its addresses being compromised for use for other-than-HOA information.  Frequency of tasks:  1-3x week}

Stone Oak POA Neighborhood Committee Representative

{Duties:  Represent the Springs at Stone Oak at the Stone Oak POA committee comprised of other Stone Oak HOA representatives. Shares info from the Stone Oak POA and from the committee with Springs HOA Board of Directors, website coordinator, and owners; provides input at committee meetings based on input from Springs Board of Directors and/or owners.  Frequency: 1 meeting/month - the committee meets the second Wednesday of every month at 7:00pm in the Stone Oak POA office, 19310 Huebner, Suite 100.}

NOTE: Telephone numbers for Committee members and Contacts may be found in The Springs at Stone Oak Resident Directory.

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