The Springs At Stone Oak

Info for New (and "Old") Neighbors in The Springs

The Springs at Stone Oak HOA:

Our Home Owners Association is comprised of the 86 Springs at Stone Oak property owners.  The HOA is managed by a professional Association Management firm, Hill Country Homeowners Association Management, and is guided by a 5-member Board of Directors elected by the membership.  Board members are elected at the Annual General Member Meeting (AGMM), normally held in mid to late January of each year.  The term of office for each Director is two years from their election date, with the term ending at the second AGMM after their election.

The Board of Directors schedules quarterly Board meetings to conduct HOA business.  The meetings usually begin at 6:00 pm and last about 45-60 minutes.  The date, time, and location of each Board meeting are announced at least 6 days in advance on the front entrance marquee, the HOA website, and in an e-mail to Springs owners and residents who are members of the HOA e-mail list. Each meeting and its agenda are also included in the Calendar on the HOA's website.

Each Springs owner pays an annual HOA assessment, with collected funds used to maintain common area facilities (entrance/exit access gate system, common area landscaping and irrigation systems, community park facilities, and streets).  The assessment amount for 2023 is $900 for each owner, which is billed by Hill Country Management about 15 days before its split due dates.  One-half of the annual payment is due on January 1st and the remainder on July 1st of each year, and late if not paid in full within 30 days of the due date.  Owners have the option of paying the full year's assessment on the January 1st due date.

Two very important documents that every Springs homeowner and other residents should have readily available are the HOA's Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (better known as the CCR's), and the HOA's Bylaws.  The CCR's provide the standards each homeowner/resident must abide by, both architectural/structural (roof material composition, fences, etc.) and behavioral (pets, nuisances, residence use, etc.), while the Bylaws provide the rules by which the HOA operates.  The Consolidated CCRs and Consolided Bylaws are both available on the Springs website's Pages & Links tab for viewing or downloading (in Adobe Reader, .pdf format).

Electricity and natural gas:

CPS Energy
(210) 353-2222


San Antonio Water System (SAWS)
(210) 704-7297
2800 U.S. Hwy 281 North
San Antonio, Texas 78212

SAWS Water Conservation Rules comply with the Edwards Aquifer regulations (the Springs At Stone Oak lies above the most sensitive recharge zone of the Edwards Aquifer, supplier of most of the water for San Antonio).

SAWS uses drought restrictions, established by city ordinance, to proactively manage the region's water resources. The restrictions limit water use based on specific levels of the Edwards Aquifer. The year-around and 4 stages of water restrictions are provided here.


SAWS also publishes on their website and via e-mail a "Garden Style San Antonio" information resource that customers can subscribe to.  The Garden Style website and its weekly e-mail provide landscape watering recommendations as well as useful landscaping tips.

Solid Waste and Recycling:

Republic Services of San Antonio, Allied Waste Division
(210) 304-2700
(210) 304-2779 fax
4542 SE Loop 410
San Antonio, TX 78222

This service is provided under contract with the Stone Oak Property Owners Association, who negotiated the rates and services provided.  Each residence is billed separately by the service provider, with payments due on a quarterly basis.

Solid waste pickup days for The Springs are Tuesday and Friday. Recycle is picked up on Tuesday. Other information concerning refuse and recycling collection in Stone Oak gated communities include:

  • The hours of collection are between 7:00am and 6:00pm on Tuesdays (recycle) and on Tuesdays and Fridays (solid waste). Please do not place solid waste or recycle carts out for collection any earlier than the night before a collection day and return them by the end of the collection day to inside your garage or other area where the carts cannot be observed from the street.
  • Residents are provided a large wheeled cart for solid waste and a smaller wheeled cart for recycling.  Carts should be positioned in the street with the handles facing toward your home and wheels placed against the curb.  Carts are to be set at least 5 feet away from all objects such as: cars, poles, trees, or other obstacles.
  • Solid waste service includes cart contents plus 2 additional bags or items under 35 lbs. each.
  • Do not overfill carts or place items on the closed lids.
  • Do not place liquids, dirt, rock, construction materials, concrete, or large metal parts in the carts.  NO HOT ASHES!  Hot ashes will melt or destroy the cart.
  • If your recycle or solid waste is not picked up on its designated day, contact Republic Services San Antonio at (210) 304-2700 or through the Republic Services website to report a missed non-pickup.
  • Contact Republic Services San Antonio at (210) 304-2700 or through the Republic Services website if you need a replacement cart due to damage to your solid waste or recycle cart (wheel came off, lid separated from cart, etc.).

[Note: empty cardboard boxes can also be disposed of at the recycling dumpsters located in the parking lot of Canyon Ridge Elementary School, located about 1/2 mile east of the Springs on Stone Oak Parkway.  The service provider requests that the boxes be flattened before disposal.  Newspapers and other paper products can also be disposed of in these recycling dumpsters.  The school receives compensation for providing space for the service.]

Post Office:

(210) 497-6391
20403 Encino Ledge
San Antonio, TX 78259-9998

The U.S. Post Office serving the Springs is located just east of Highway 281 North. Turn right on Encino Rio, two traffic lights before the Evans Road traffic light, when traveling north on Hwy 281, or after using the turn-around just past Encino Rio when traveling south on Hwy 281, then take a left at the 4-way stop, about 1/2 mile after turning on Encino Rio. The Post Office is to the North, or behind, the gas station. Its business hours are 9:00am-5:30pm Mon-Fri, 9:00am-1:00pm Saturday, and closed on Sundays.  The last daily collection of mail is at 5:00pm Mon-Sat.


San Antonio Express News
(210) 250-2000

Home Communications Service Providers:

  • AT&T: offers Internet, cable TV, home and cellular telephone services, bundled or separately
    (800) 288-2020
  • Spectrum San Antonio:  offers Internet, cable TV, home and cellular telephone services, bundled or separately
    (210) 244-0500
  • Direct TV: offers streaming cable TV service
  • Dish TV (Satellite): offers satellite-based cable TV service

Access Gates

Access Gate Code for The Springs:

Access to the Springs at Stone Oak neighborhood is through the entrance gate at the front entrance adjacent to Stone Oak Parkway.  New Springs neighbors who did not receive a gate access code from the previous owner, realtor, or in the sales closing at the Title Company can request an access code by submitting a request by e-mail or fax to the Hill Country Management Gate Department.  Click here to access the on-line request form, or call (800) 998-6721.

Homeowners desiring to use a remote control to open the entrance gate instead of having to stop at the call box and manually entering their access code can do so by requesting a remote from Hill Country HOA Management.  The on-line request form can be accessed by clicking here, and then submitting it by clicking the “Submit” button.  There is not a physical Hill Country HOA Management office.

Gate and Access Information

To enter the gate without a remote control, enter your access code at the entrance call-box/keypad.  Your access code is the pound symbol/sign (#) plus your assigned 4-digit access code (e.g., #0000).  After successfully entering your code, the entrance gate will open.

Homeowners may purchase remote control transmitters to use instead of entering their code for the entrance gate.  Remotes make entering the community faster and more convenient for all homeowners.  Click here for the Gate Code and Remote Request Form.

Check the directory at the keypad occasionally for your name and press the code (your phone number is NOT displayed) to dial your number to be sure it is working correctly. Report any number changes, incorrect information or malfunction to Hill Country Management Gate Department by calling (800) 998-6721.

For your visitors, the visitor presses the large "A" button on the call-box, and then uses the "Z" button to scroll down the alphabet to find your name, or the "A" button to scroll back up if the desired name was passed.  The visitor can then key in the numbers associated with your directory listing to call your registered home phone, or press the "Call" button below the "Z" button to do the same (your home telephone number is not displayed).  Once you receive and answer the call and approve the visitor's entrance, simply press the "9" on your telephone to transmit the signal to open the gate for your visitor, and the gate will remotely open. 


Important Access Information

DO NOT OPEN THE GATE MANUALLY, HOLD IT OPEN OR PROP IT OPEN with a rock, etc. This causes the safety breaker to shut the motor off to prevent damage to the motor. The gate will then stay open until the safety breaker has been manually reset.

Educate your children and family members on how to open the gate with entry codes when leaving or entering the subdivision on foot or bike. INSTRUCT YOUR CHILDREN not to play near, stand on, ride on or play with the gate.

Please DO NOT GIVE YOUR CODE OUT to friends, service companies or delivery people. They should enter by calling your home phone from the Keypad at the entrance using the code assigned to you in the directory.

If you need a special code or additional code to allow access for repeated weekly services when you will not be home, such as a cleaning company or a landscaping company, please request a secondary or contractor access code using the Hill Country Management Gate Request Form or call (800) 998-6721.


Party / Temporary Code
If you are planning to have a party involving a number of non-resident guests, request a temporary code that can be issued to allow access to the gate for your party, and then deactivated at the time indicated on your request.


A "SYSTEM IN USE" message will display when a wrong code is entered. If entered three (3) times, the system will lock down for a short period - up to five (5) minutes. The display will show "System in use."  If you keep trying to put in an invalid code, or use your remote transmitter, the five (5) minute cycle will start over again. Please be patient. Allow the system to unlock itself.


Pedestrian Gate

To exit or enter the neighborhood through the pedestrian gate, enter the same access code on the pedestrian gate keypad as you use for the vehicle call-box keypad (e.g. #0000).


Stone Oak Property Owners Association
(210) 490-9481

(210) 858-8508
19310 Huebner #100
8:00am-5pm Mon - Thur
8:00am-4pm Fri

By virtual of living in a Stone Oak community, Springs residents are also members of the Stone Oak POA.  The POA, through its elected Board of Directors, committees, and management company, seeks to ensure the Stone Oak Master Plan is complied with by residents and businesses alike.

Like the Springs HOA, the mandatory membership in the Stone Oak POA incurs an annual assessment to pay for the maintenance and improvements of the Stone Oak common areas (center islands on major thoroughfares, such as Stone Oak Parkway, Evans Road, Canyon Golf Road, Huebner, Hardy Oak, etc).  The annual Stone Oak POA residential assessments is $116.00, billed once a year, with the payment due in February.  Payment must be received by March 1 or it will be considered past due and late fees (0.83% interest permonth) and administrative fees ($15.00 per month) will be incurred.


Bulky Waste & Hazardous Waste

The following information is provided by the Stone Oak POA.  Please note that the CPS Energy bill for Springs residences does reflect an environmental charge as part of the bill, even though our solid waste and recycle services are provided by Republic/Allied Waste and not the City of San Antonio:

Many people ask about hazardous waste, and when they can dispose of bulky items, bags of leaves, etc..  Please see the below information that will hopefully answer your questions!  You can also always call 3-1-1 to inquire of any public disposal events within San Antonio.


The POA has been told by the City of San Antonio anyone with an environmental fee charge reflected on their CPS bill, can utilize the following services- including residents who may have a vendor other than the City of San Antonio providing their regular residential trash and recycling service.  Just check your CPS bill.


****Always take your CPS bill and ID to prove eligibility****


Bulky Waste:

Tues-Fri                   8AM-5PM                          

Sat                          8AM-12PM


Bitters Bulky Waste Collection Center                  1800 Wurzbach Parkway

Frio City Road Center                                          1531 Frio City Road

Culebra Bulky Waste Collection Center                 7030 Culebra Road

Rigsby Road Bulky Waste Collection Center          2755 Rigsby Road


Please see for more information



Household Hazardous Waste:

Collection Center             7030 Culebra

Tues-Fri                           8AM-5PM

Sat                                  8AM-12PM


Monthly Drop Off:

1800 Wurzbach Parkway  (the first Saturday of each month, 8AM-3PM)


Plus check for more information, including mobile collection events


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