The Springs At Stone Oak

Current HOA/Nearby Actions


SAWS Wastewater System Smoke Testing

SAWS has announced that they will be using smoke testing to test the wastewater systems in our area.  That testing is planned to be done this summer.  Information on the testing is available on the SAWS website, click HERE to view the article.


Common Areas Repairs - Electrical

Two contractor proposals received for five electrical-related repairs identified by the Board of Directors: (1) reconnect the photoelectric eye and tighten the breaker panel on the front entrance electrical panel, (2) test each of the 3 GFCI outlets at the front entrance monument for proper operation, (3) repair/replace broken LED floodlight at monument, (4) replace photoelectric eye at park lamp post, (5) provide a cost estimate to reorganize wiring in the in-ground electrical panel on marquee island & replace panel + cover.  A contract was awarded on May 6 for repair of all five repair items.  Repairs completed May 26.


Springs HOA Open Quarterly Board Meeting Cancelled

The Springs HOA 2nd quarter open Board meeting tentatively scheduled for May 20 was cancelled on April 29 by the Board of Directors due to COVID-19 related public meetings/gatherings and social distancing restrictions, and the nonavailability of the Encino Library or other suitable meeting location. 

HOA matters scheduled for discussion and/or vote at the May 20 meeting  will be handled by Board members via e-mail.  Any matters required by State law/HOA Bylaws to be addressed at open Board meetings only will be deferred until the 3rd quarter open Board meeting, tentatively scheduled for September 9.


Entrance Gate Remote Control Opening Malfunction

The ability to use a remote control device to open the entrance gate quit working on Friday, April 10.  The malfunction was diagnosed and repaired by the HOA gate maintenance contractor on April 14.



Springs HOA Community Playground Area Reopened

As a result of San Antonio Mayor's Addendum to the 5th Declaration of Public Health Emergency the HOA's playground area was closed on April 3, 2020.  The Addendum included the following order:

"Community Parks and PropertyAll recreational areas where social distancing and sanitizing requirements are difficult or impossible to meet, including community and school playgrounds, outdoor exercise equipment, tennis courts, skate plazas, splash pads and basketball courts including those located in apartment complexes or HOA areas, shall close for the duration of the Fifth Declaration."

The Board of Directors was notified by the City on June 4, 2020 that the COVID-19 restrictions imposed on April 3rd for community/HOA-managed playgrounds was no longer in effect.  Springs residents registered for the HOA e-mail list were notified of the playground area reopening via e-mail on June 4.


Common Areas Repairs - Masonry

Board and Management actions to obtain masonry contractor proposals to repair deteriorated portions in the common areas were temporarily suspended until the Stay Home, Work Safe order is relaxed and HOA funding is confirmed.  Repair projects include: (1) repair/patch holes and cracks on the street side of our masonry perimeter walls at the front entrance and along Stone Oak Parkway, (2) repair/patch cracks in front entrance monument, (3) repair/patch cracks in the sidewalk bridge over the Pearl Spring concrete drainage culvert, and (4) reinstall loose tiles on community park gazebo floor.  An inspection and proposal were provided by a masonry contractor on May 30.  A second inspection and proposal are being sought from another qualified contractor.

A contract was approved on June 16 for a masonry contractor to repair the above masonry-related structures.  The repair project is scheduled to begin in July.


Common Areas Landscape Maintenance

Staygreen USA selected to apply weed killer in flower beds at front entrance and park, apply mulch in all beds at front entrance and park, core aerate all turf areas at entrance and 20' from sidewalk at park, apply compost to aerated turf.  Completed March 19. ($2,800)


HOA Website

o Summary notes of the Stone Oak POA Neighborhood Representative Committee (NRC) meeting conducted on March 11, 2020, posted on our website's Pages & Links tab.  Connie DeMeo is our HOA's volunteer representative to the NRC.  [Note: the NRC has suspended member meetings after March until the San Antonio Stay Home, Work Safe restrictions are relaxed or rescinded.]



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