The Springs At Stone Oak

Current HOA/Nearby Actions

o Board of Directors approved the proposal from the HOA's gate maintenance contractor to upgrade the cellular telephone device that provides service to the gate telephone access system. Upgrade is required for the current 3G technology to 4G, since 3G service for the gate's cellular system will cease to be available beginning February 2022.  $937 [November 18]

o  Following approval at the Nov 17 2021 Board meeting, the 6 Policy documents generated as a result of the 2021 Texas Legislature adopted bills were recorded at the County Clerk's office, as required by State law.  The 6 Policy documents are: Contract Bid Policy, Golf Cart Policy, Leasing Information Policy, Security Measures and Fence Policy (amended), Collections Policy (amended) [November 19]

o Board of Directors submitted to Google the Google Fiber Private Road Interest Form, required by Google from gated communities to allow Google access to the neighborhood's private streets for fiber cable installationGoogle will respond whether Google fiber is available in our area to be extended into the neighborhood for private residence service, if desired by the resident. [November 19]

o Updated the Consolidated Bylaws and Consolidated CCR documents on the HOA website's Pages & Links tab.  Updated documents added the 9 new HOA Policies or Guidelines required as a result of HOA-related bills adopted by the 2021 Texas Legislature, either in the existing Articles in the respective document, or as Appendices to the documents. [November]

o HOA contractor installed holiday lighting at the front entrance. [December 3]

o Board approved contract to remove dead tree in park adjacent to Pearl Spring sidewalk. [December 5, $250]

o Board approved the minutes of the November 17, 2021 4th quarter Open Board meeting.  Minutes posted to the HOA website's HOA Meeting Minutes section of the Pages & Links tab. [December 16]

o Board approved proposal from landscape/irrigation maintenance contractor to trace and repair 4 front entrance irrigation system zones that were damaged by a cable installation contractor in 2018.  All 4 zones are between the HOA's masonry perimeter wall and the Stone Oak Parkway sidewalk - 2 on the exit side of the wall and 2 on the entrance side. [December 22, $444]

o Board approved proposal from electrical contractor to replace the 4 globes and LED bulbs on the park's lamppost by the gazebo.  One globe is cracked and the top lamp appears to be illuminating at its base only.  The globes are believed to be the original ones installed in 1997, while the LED bulbs were installed in 2017 to replace the original halogen bulbs. [January 5, $1118]

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