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Added TENTATIVE 2020 Annual General Member Meeting and follow-on open Board of Directors meetings on November 20, 2019 to Calender tab, including initial draft agendas for both meetings.



3rd Quarter 2019 Quarterly Board of Directors Meeting Minutes Posted

The minutes for the 3rd Quarter Board of Directors meeting, conducted on August 14, 2019 at Kneaders Bakery, posted in the Pages & Links tab, "HOA Member and Board Meetings."  The minutes can be viewed by HOA website members who have logged onto the website.  The minutes were approved at the 4th quarter Board meeting on October 2, 2019.


 Canine Waste Stations

2 canine waste stations have been purchased and installed by contractor at our community park for use by residents walking dogs within the neighborhood.  Stations include waste bags for residents to use to retrieve their dog(s) feces for disposal.


Neighborhood Watch Signs

4 Neighborhood Watch signs and poles have been purchased and installed by contractor at Granite Spring island (1) and at community park (3)


 Perimeter Wall Repair

The damage to the exit gate side of the neighborhood's mortar wall behind 1103 Crystal Spring (parallel to Stone Oak Parkway), damaged in March 2018 when a vehicle dislodged the street light pole at Granite Spring and Stone Oak Parkway, was repaired by contractor.  The street light pole caused a significant hole in the mortar wall at the time of the accident.



SAWS to smoke test over the Edwards Aquifer

SAWS contractors will test sewers over the next couple of years, including lateral lines located on residential private property. The area within Stone Oak POA boundaries is scheduled for testing in 2020. To accomplish this, contractors will open manholes in streets and easements and use a non-toxic smoke to locate breaks and defects.

A notice will be placed on every door before testing begins at your home. You do not need to be home for testing to occur. Contractors will not enter your home, but they may temporarily access your yard. Securing your pets may be necessary for a short period of time.

Thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation. Learn more at [July 26 via Stone Oak area Nextdoor]


“If we find a defect, you’ll see smoke coming out of the ground,” said Jeff Haby, SAWS’ vice president of production and treatment. “It’s critical because we don’t want the sewage coming from that customer’s house potentially leaking into the Edwards Aquifer.”

On Thursday, crews continually lit smoke bombs, each of which burns for three minutes, and dropped them into a wire basket affixed to the fans atop the manholes. As they spotted smoke shooting out of the ground, they marked the spots with small plastic flags.

Those leaks are on private property on sewer lateral lines that are owned by the individual property owners. SAWS owns the main and the portion of the lateral that runs from the main to the property line. From there, it’s the owner’s responsibility.

When smoke billows out of the ground on private property, SAWS officials and their contractors photograph it and notify the property owner.


It’s an important letter but one you don’t want to receive.

That letter asks the property owner to hire a plumber, who should first investigate the potential leak using closed-circuit television. If there are no “defects,” or leaks found, then the property owner can be reimbursed for the cost, up to $400.

But if the investigation reveals a bona fide leak, then the property owner has to repair it — and submit proof of the fix to SAWS. If it’s a really bad leak, the repairs could cost thousands of dollars, Haby said.

The utility has begun working its way through about 35,000 laterals along 700 miles of pipe over the recharge zone.

SAWS has identified 54 defects in the first 30 miles of testing, he said. The vast majority of those were problems with the caps on the clean-out pipes in front yards. They’re often damaged during landscape work, he said. It’s an easy fix that doesn’t require a plumber. [San Antonio Express-News, August 30, 2019]


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