The Springs At Stone Oak

Current HOA/Nearby Actions

Actions since the previous Quarterly Board of Directors meeting (November 8, 2022)

     o The HOA contractor for front entrance holiday decorations installed the decorations on November 10.   The lights were turned on Thanksgiving evening, November 24, and remain lit from sunset to sunrise until early January 2023.  [Nov 10, 24]    

     o A Board member met with the HOA's landscape maintenance contractor to identify common areas trees that have died due to the 2021 winter storm and 2022's extreme heat and drought.  5 trees were identified: park (1 Red Bud), Granite Spring island (1 Yaupon holly), and front entrance area (3 Red Bud). [Nov 17]

     o The Board approved the HOA's landscape maintenance contractor's proposal to remove and dispose of the 5 previously identified dead common area trees.  Trees will not be replaced, and a 7-gallon Buford holly or equivalent bush will be installed in the front entrance to help conceal the electrical power and low voltage lighting panels, and the irrigation controller, which will be more visible upon removal of the dead Red Bud at that location. [Nov 18, $1456]


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