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Crime sign in park

I woke up yesterday morning, opened my front window, to a crime watchers sign right across the street in the park. I know I missed the meeting of those going up (I generally have church on Wednesday??™s and can??™t make the meetings). Is there any way we can move the sign some where else? We bought our house partially because of the beautiful view we had. Honestly, I also feel like the signs make our neighborhood look like we have a lot of crime (which I didn??™t think we did?) do we really need 2 in such a small neighborhood? Anyways, i hate having the sign messing up my gorgeous view, what do I need to do to get it removed or changed locations. I wish someone would have told or asked me since it seems I am the only house it really affects.
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Megan - you can submit your concerns to our Hill Country Homeowners Management Company at e-mail , our HOA Manager, Jennifer Valdez, , and/or any HOA Board member (see ).  The topic of the Neighborhood Watch signs was mentioned at the Quarterly Board meeting on August 14, but the specific locations for the signs were not addressed at the meeting.

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