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I dont see it in CCR manual, so how can we go about adding the following?

1. No cars park on the street restriction. Residents will not be allowed to park on the street, but visitors/guests can park until 10PM.

2. No Lease/Rent restriction. Leasing is an investment opportunity and dont share a common bond through our individual selection.

I have seen both restrictions work wonders in other communities. Maybe it would be a good opportunity to look at it.

Please give me your thoughts.


By David
I agree with Point 1

I agree with point 1. I'm not sure how viable this is though. I see a lot of my neighbors with their vehicles parked on the street since they own more than 4 vehicles.
Reason on Point 1

Point 1 should be considered here are my reasons why (experience & observation):

?• Safety Issue ?– (Experience) I almost hit a young boy riding a skateboard, because a car was parked on the street that blocked my view. Luckily nothing happened, but just a scare for both of us.
?• Security Issue ?– (Observation) Most burglars leave cars parked on the street when committing a crime, so they can leave crime scene quickly. In turn, this could help neighborhood watch because it would be easier to identify cars (license plate) instead of people. As it is, I don?’t know everyone in the neighborhood, but only a few around me.
?• Value Issue (Observation) ?– It?’s a fact, most neighborhoods that allow cars to park on the street tends to reduce appraisal value.

Maybe this could be discussed in our next meeting or better yet lets discuss this in this forum.
Springs Questions

This feedback is from the Springs Web Coordinator, who also happens to be on the current Board of Directors, but reflects the Coordinator's knowledge of the Springs ' CCR's and ByLaws from that position, and not as a response from this or any other Springs Board member.

Both questions can be explored further, if you and other residents so desire, with the next best public opportunity at the April 17, 2007 Quarterly Board Meeting (Falcon Bank, same as the Annual Meeting). Contact the Springs Association Manager or any Board Member to reserve time in the ''Comments From Members'' item to discuss either or both items.

We should all be aware that the hierarchy of rules and regulations for community associations flows, in precedence, from Federal, State, and Local laws, the HOA's CCR's, the HOA's ByLaws, and then to Board of Director Resolutions or similar policy-setting pronouncements. Should a change in either or both suggested restrictions be pursued, we'd need to first ensure that there are no laws at any level preventing the implementation of the restriction(s).

1. On-Street Parking: other than the two 3-car garage and driveway homes on Granite Springs, all Springs homes have a 2 car garage and driveway. The majority of those driveways (like mine) can accommodate 2 cars, side-by-side. For residents with 3 or more cars - and there are many in a 3 and 4-bedroom home community, you would either have to park vehicle #3, #4, etc. cars in the street; or play ''car shuffle'' everytime someone parked in the garage or at the front of the driveway, closest to the garage, wants to go somewhere, which requires the car behind the front car to move that back car. Since I'm one of the many 2-car, short driveway residents, it strikes me as overly restrictive to owners to require such actions simply to eliminate on-street parking. The width of our streets is sufficient to have vehicles parked on one or both sides, and still have room to drive beween them (especially at 14mph :-)). The current parking restrictions in the CCR's (boats, trailers, RV's, junk vehicles, etc. - Articles XIV, XXV) may be adequate. Your recommendation that visitors be required to remove their car from the street at the suggested 10pm curfew is unenforceable by either the HOA or SAPD.

2. Rental/Leased Homes: Quick research of the Federal Fair Housing Act and the Texas State website, and my limited knowledge of the subject, provided no definitive direction as to such a restriction being legal. However, as our CCRs and ByLaws provide, the HOA could, with voting approval of 2/3 of all owners, not allow Springs home to be leased or rented. Such a rule would likely require all current homeowners to be grandfathered from the new restriction, since the current owners were under no such deed restriction when their Springs home was bought. The pertinent CCR Articles include II (especially subparagrahs e and f), III, and V. It's important to also remember that compliance with the Springs Owners Association's CCRs and ByLaws is required of every residence, whether its occupants be the owner or tenants renting/leasing the residence from an owner.

Again, if you or others desire to pursue either or both issues, please schedule a formal discussion at the April Board meeting. For others reading this string of comments, please feel free to provide your comments in this Discussion Area of our website.

Hope the above feedback helps in defining and encouraging the discussion.

By Springs Web Coordinator
San Antonio, Texas 78258