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We would like to install a ring flood camera on our home. We know we can take out a light and install it there, however we feel it would look nicer to install it in the middle of the house instead of making it uneven by replacing a light. Are there any rules on installing cameras for the home? If we are allowed does color matter?
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The Springs HOA's CCRs Article VIII(B), Security Measures, states "Doorbell cameras, security cameras, motion detectors (i.e., Ring, Nest, etc.) and lighting may be affixed to the primary residence on any Lot without the prior approval of the ARC, subject to this Policy" and "Security Measures shall be installed and positioned to minimize intrusion of privacy and prevent the invasion of the quiet use and enjoyment of neighboring Lots."  For your question on the flood camera's color, CCR Article VII, Building Materials, states "All house trim will be painted with muted shades of tan, gray, green, and white similar to those colors now in use by Ryland and David Weekly homes in The Springs at Stone Oak. Vivid colors such as red, bright green, purple, chartreuse, etc., are never permitted. All changes away from these muted shades of tan, gray, green, and white for house trim paint color must be approved in advance by the ARC." That article may or may not be applicable to a flood camera since it addresses house trim colors.  The location of the flood camera should not matter as long as it does not shine directly and intrusively into a neighboring yard or, especially, window(s) [opinion of response author].  A standard black or white Ring flood camera should be in compliance with the CCR conditions and restrictions, since those apparently are the only colors offered by Ring [opinion of response author].


You could certainly submit an Improvement Request Form through Hill Country to the ARC, stating the color of your flood camera and the location you desire to install it at if you are concerned the location and/or camera color may not comply with the CCRs .   The on-line form is available at . 


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