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Parties at the Park?

Is the neighborhood park available for parties? We are looking for a location to host our daughters upcoming birthday party, and are wondering if the park is available. The HOA for our previous home had a process for reserving and paying for parties at that park. I was hoping to find that information on here, but haven??™t so far. I??™d really appreciate it if someone can chime in with an answer.
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The Springs HOA community park is available for all Springs homeowners and residents on a non-reserved basis.  Basically, your family or party can use whatever park facilities are needed, but cannot prevent other homeowners or residents from using the playground or large open field. BBQ grills, picnic tables, and other areas not being used by your party are also available to any other homeowner or resident.


The electrical outlet at the base of the 4-lamp light pole by the gazebo is not available for use, as that electric circuit is already being used by the park lighting systems and will usually trip whenever another electrical load is placed on it.  There is a standard 15amp 120v electrical outlet next to the electrical panel on the rear west side of the park (far left corner when facing the gazebo from Pearl Spring) that is available for use.

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