A couple of Springs residents, including me, have had intermittent problems with opening our entrance gate using the HomeLink connection in our vehicles.  During the most recent maintenance/service visit by the HOA's access gate maintenance company, the technician was asked to investigate the issue. 

The technician indicated that he suspects the new remote access receiver that was installed in the front entrance call box on April 15 uses the latest remote/wireless technology, which could be a contributor to the intermittent inability to open the entrance gate using vehicle/Homelink remote control.  In a conversation that would hurt many folks’ brain, he explained how the hand held remote control devices send a number of data, including the serial number of the remote control device, which will generate an “approve” for access by the receiver.  If the receiver does not receive all of the expected information, the receiver will “deny” opening the gate.  Apparently the new gate remote receivers have been fine tuned to quickly capture the information from a hand held remote access device that is relatively new, but the Homelink vehicle controls may not send the requisite data to the receiver every time or quick enough, resulting in the gate not opening sometimes.  The same problem could exist if the hand held remote access device is quite old, like the large remote devices were when purchased prior to 2010.  His recommendation:  (1) install a new battery in the hand held remote access device, (2) reprogram the Homelink button in the vehicle used to open the entrance gate with the hand held remote device, (3) press the Homelink button just before or when turning into the entrance so that the Homelink signal is adequately received by the gate receiver before the vehicle passes the call box/receiver.  If a resident continues to have problems using the vehicle Homelink system, either purchase a new hand held remote device and reprogram the Homelink button, or revert to using a hand held remote access device or manually enter your gate code on the call box keypad to open the entrance gate.

Interestingly, I performed his suggested steps on the Homelink for our 2015 Nissan Murano (new battery in our 2013 hand held remote device, reprogram our Homelink button for the entrance gate).  However, what I found when reading our Murano owner’s manual, is there are 2 procedures for its Homelink – one for programming a garage door opener, and one for “Programming Homelink for Canadian Customers and Gate Openers” [Emphasis mine]. While I had an opening failure earlier this month using the Murano’s Homelink, my reprogrammed Homelink has worked every time I've tried since (knock on wood).

My Murano manual’s instructions, FYI:


Canadian radio-frequency laws require transmitter signals to “time-out” (or quit) after several seconds of transmission – which may not be long enough for HomeLink® to pick up the signal during training. Similar to this Canadian law, some U.S. gate operators are designed to “timeout” in the same manner. If you live in Canada or you are having difficulties training a gate operator.

 > Using both hands, simultaneously press and hold the desired HomeLink® button and the hand-held transmitter button. During training, your hand-held transmitter may automatically stop transmitting. Continue to press and hold the desired HomeLink® button while you press and re-press (“cycle”) your hand-held transmitter every 2 seconds until the frequency signal has been learned. The HomeLink® indicator light will flash slowly and then rapidly after several seconds upon successful training. DO NOT release until the HomeLink® indicator light flashes slowly and then rapidly. When the indicator light flashes rapidly, both buttons may be released. The rapid flashing indicates successful training.”

Hope the above info helps.

Gary B