QUESTION:  With energy costs the way they are, we are considering replacing our current “standard” roof shingles with solar shingles.  Would that require approval by the Architectural Review Committee (ARC)?

ANSWER:  Yes, installing a roof with shingles other than composition shingles would require prior approval by ARC.


There are a couple of CCR items that apply to your question.  The first, Article VII, Building Materials, as amended in 2011 as a result of changes to the Texas Property Code by the Texas Legislature that year, addresses roofing material and appearance.  Article IV, Architectural Review Committee, also applies, as this committee of Springs volunteer residents is charged with ensuring the “conformity and harmony of exterior design with existing structures in the Subdivision.”   As with any construction or improvement by any owner in The Springs, requesting approval of the ARC should be the first thought any of us have BEFORE starting an improvement or construction project.

ARTICLE VII – Building Materials

All buildings shall be roofed with composition shingles unless otherwise approved in writing by the Architecture Review Committee (ARC). Wood shingles are specifically prohibited for safety reasons. Composition shingles must weigh at least 230 pounds per square and have a stated warranty of at least 25 years. Shingles must have a laminated design. Three-tab shingles are specifically prohibited except for use as a starter and cap rows. Roof shingles must be dark brown or dark gray tones. Light brown, light gray, blue, green, red and white colors are not allowed. Roof overlays are not allowed. Prior to roofing, all existing materials must be removed down to clean decking. Any damaged or deteriorated decking must be replaced. Ridge vent are encouraged, to improve ventilation, reduce attic temperature and reduce cooling costs, but are not required. All roof protrusions, such as vents, roof jacks, must be painted to match the color of the shingles, be earth tone color, or a color as approved by the ARC.

Subject to advance written approval from the Architecture Review Committee, an owner may install shingles (“Alternative Shingles”) which are designed primarily to be wind and hail resistant, provide heating or cooling efficiencies greater than traditional composition shingles, or provide solar energy capture capabilities. Once installed, any such Alternative Shingles must resemble the shingles used or authorized to be used on other structures within the Association, be more durable than and of equal or superior quality to the shingles used or authorized to be used on other structures within the Association, and match the aesthetics of properties surrounding the owner’s property.

ARTICLE IV – Architectural Review Committee

No building, fence, wall, outbuilding or other structure or improvement shall be erected, altered, added onto, placed or repaired on any Lot in the Subdivision until the complete plans including site plans, grading plans, floor plans depicting room size and layouts, exterior elevations, landscape plans, and any other plans or information deemed necessary by the ARC for the performance of its function ("Required Plans"), are submitted and approved in writing by the Architectural Review Committee as to the conformity and harmony of exterior design with existing structures in the Subdivision, the location with respect to topography, existing trees, and finished elevation, and apparent conformity with the requirements of this Declaration. In addition, the Owner shall submit the identity of the individual or company intended to perform the work and projected commencement and completion dates…

…Dwellings should be planned and designed with particular attention to the design and aesthetic appearance of the exterior and the use of such materials, which, in the sole judgment of the ARC, create an attractive and harmonious blend with existing and proposed dwellings in the immediate area and the natural surroundings….


These CCR topics intend to remind residents of The Springs of the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CCR’s) that apply to all Springs residents solely by our election to live in this community. The purpose of the CCR’s is to maintain specific standards for the good of us all, as articulated in their definition:
“THE SPRINGS AT STONE OAK is encumbered by these Restrictive Covenants for the following reasons: to seek to achieve the best and highest use and most appropriate development of the property; to protect lot owners against improper use of surrounding lots; to preserve so far as practical the natural beauty of the property; to guard against the erection of poorly designed or proportioned structures of improper or unsuitable materials; to encourage and secure the erection of attractive improvements on each lot with appropriate locations; and to secure and maintain proper setbacks from streets and adequate free space.”

If you are a Springs resident who has misplaced your copy of the CCR’s, or are a new resident who wasn’t provided a copy by the previous owners or your realtor, you can view (and download in Adobe Reader [.pdf] format) the complete Springs CCR’s and By-Laws at the Consolidated Bylaws and CCRs section of this website, located in the Pages & Links tab.