As a result of several residents complaining to our Association Manager at the January 22nd Annual General Member Meeting concerning the frequent, continuing, and current broken pedestrian gate, our Manager had our gate contractor diagnose the problem.

Quality Access Control determined that the pedestrian gate's keypad and its associated electronics were the cause. The HOA Board of Directors approved the expenditure of about $370 to have the repairs accomplished. Those repairs were completed on February 5th, and the pedestrian gate is back in working order.

Should any Springs resident experience a gate problem - either the pedestrian or either of the vehicle gates - please contact our Management's Gate Division or our Manager (Joanna Johnson) at 829-7202. You can also directly submit a gate problem report through our Management company's website, That same webpage also has on-line forms for reporting a problem with your gate remote control, reporting a problem with your gate access code, request reprogramming for your gate remote control, or to request a new or temporary gate access code.