QUESTION: There was a Discussion Area item posted a while back that expressed the annoyance by a Springs resident concerning a roaming cat that was using the resident?’s yard as its toilet and potential food (bird) source. What do our CCRs specifically say about pets in The Springs?

ANSWER: While Article XVII, Pets, specifically addresses the issue, Article XV, Nuisances, also applies here:

Article XVII

No animals, livestock, poultry, exotic or dangerous pets of any type (i.e. pit bulls, boa constrictors, ferrets, etc.) that may pose a safety or health threat to the community shall be raised, bred or kept on any Lot except for cats, dogs, or other generally recognized household pets of a reasonable number provided that they are not kept, or maintained for any commercial purposes and provided further that no more than a total of three (3) adult animals may be kept on a single Lot. Adult animals for the purpose of these covenants shall mean and refer to animals one (1) year or older.

All such animals shall be kept in strict accordance with all local laws and ordinances (including leash laws), and in accordance with all rules established by The Springs at Stone Oak Owners Association. It shall be the responsibility of the owners of such household pets to prevent the animals from running loose or becoming a nuisance to the other residents.

Article XV

No noxious or offensive activity shall be carried on upon any Lot, nor shall anything be done thereon which may be or may become an annoyance or nuisance to the neighborhood.

No Owner or occupant shall perform any work that will impair the structural soundness or integrity of another Living Unit or impair any easement or hereditament, nor do any act nor allow any condition to exist which will adversely affect the other Living Units or their Owners or residents?….

These monthly ?“Talk About It?” CCR messages intend to remind residents of The Springs of the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CCR?’s) that apply to all Springs residents solely by our election to live in this community. The purpose of the CCR?’s is to maintain specific standards for the good of us all, as articulated in their definition:

?“THE SPRINGS AT STONE OAK is encumbered by these Restrictive Covenants for the following reasons: to seek to achieve the best and highest use and most appropriate development of the property; to protect lot owners against improper use of surrounding lots; to preserve so far as practical the natural beauty of the property; to guard against the erection of poorly designed or proportioned structures of improper or unsuitable materials; to encourage and secure the erection of attractive improvements on each lot with appropriate locations; and to secure and maintain proper setbacks from streets and adequate free space.?”

If you are a Springs resident who has misplaced your copy of the CCR?’s, or are a new resident who wasn?’t provided a copy by the previous owners or your realtor, you can view the complete, current Springs CCR?’s at the Community Pages of this Springs website.