The Springs At Stone Oak


Do we have funds to update our local park? The water fountain still does not work. How about adding a pool or maybe just adding sod grass. The grass we have now is crab grass and really can't walk or play on it. If that is too much how about adding some walking trails from the park to the Stone Oak walking trails (next to the elementary school).

These are just suggestions that could benefit the whole community.

By Jaime
The Springs Park

Thanks for your input and ideas, Jaime. Hopefully this response answers some of them; if not, please contact any Board member or our Association Manager (Joanna Johnson, (210) 829-7202 or

The Board of Directors recently had our Manager contract with a licensed plumber to determine the reason for the park's water fountain not working (it hasn't for my almost 8 years as a Springs resident) and the cost to repair it. Unfortunately, it appears the Springs developers installed the fountain in violation of every city plumbing code, in that it is connected directly to a sub-branch of the park's sprinkler system's water lines, and it drains directly into the ground (above the Edwards Aquifer recharge zone). As such, we will most likely have the fountain removed, since the cost to install a code-compliant water supply line and a drain line to the nearest common area water meter and sewer access points are ''cost prohibitive,'' according to the plumber.

Your suggestion on improving the quality of the grass at the park, especially in the large open area, will be explored by the Board and our Manager with our landscape contractor.

While the Springs ''owns'' the portion of Mud Creek from the west edge of the park (the edge towards Stone Oak Parkway) to the east boundary of the Springs, we do not have access to the area behind the almost-completed Villages of Stone Oak next to us. As such, a walking trail ''behind'' the Springs to the Stone Oak park is likely not feasible, although the route to the park from our front entrance to the park is readily available (and sidewalks may well be completed from the Villages of Stone Oak to the Stone Oak park in the future).

Thanks again for your input.

By Springs Web Coordinator
A Pool at The Springs Park

Thank you for the quick response..

Your response did answer most of my questions, except the one on adding a pool. I assume the pool will have the same issue as the water fountain, like adding water line, meter, & drainage.

It's positive to hear that adding grass will be explored by the Board Members and the managers.

Again thanks for the feedback..


By Jaime
Springs Park

If there's been one subject in the Springs over its 9 years of existence that has generated the most discussion (and emotions), it's one related to changing the Springs park from its original and current configuration.

In the early 2000's, a recommendation was made by a resident (who also was on the Board of Directors) to explore the cost and feasibility of installing a community pool in the park. This normally laid-back community reacted rather quickly, loudly, and in great numbers, and the pool-in-the-park idea was overwhelmingly not supported.

A year of two later, a resident (who also happened to be on the Board of Directors) floated the proposal that the Springs sell the park land to a developer for the construction of 3-5 additional homes, with the money from the land sale used to plus up the financial coffers of the Springs HOA. Unfortunately, the proposal was distributed by a hand-delivered flyer placed on every front door in the Springs, the day before a Springs HOA meeting. The response to this proposal was even greater, louder, and more vicious than the earlier swimming pool much so that the author of the proposal placed his Springs residence for sale the next week, and moved soon thereafter out of the Springs.

Finally, there was a proposal in 2006 from a Springs resident to explore the cost for installing a sports court in the park area - preferably towards the southwest portion of the park, close to the fence (and somewhat hidden behind the trees on that side of the park). While the response to this proposal was not as vocal as the two previous ones, there was not a great deal of support for a sports court (cost to the HOA, liability risk to the HOA from potential injury to users, risk of non-residents 'hogging' the court, noise, etc.).

So, based on the history of ideas floated throughout the relatively short history of the Springs - specifically to significantly alter the park from its current configuration to one that includes a pool or eliminates the park so that more houses can be built - a resurrection of a community-pool-in-the-park idea will likely result in responses similar to those in the past.

(Note: the original pool-in-the-park suggestor ultimately had a pool installed in their back yard. That family has since moved elsewhere in San Antonio, a move unrelated to the pool proposal).

By Springs Web Coordinator
San Antonio, Texas 78258