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Chase & Walgreens

Now that the Chase Bank and soon to be Walgreens building will be coming up will we be able to plant any trees or bushes just outside the property line/fence? The reason, is to maintain privacy from the buildings in back.


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Chase & Walgreens

My short answer to your question is that you have the option to plant tall shrubs or privacy-friendly trees in your backyard, on your side of the border fence. You should submit your proposal to the Architectural Review Committee to ensure your privacy plans are known and approved in advance, so that they don't violate any articles in our CCRs, such as the requirement to not alter or block the drainage routes that were installed by the developers, especially along the creek-side of Granite Spring).

The property on the other side of our border fence west of Granite Spring belongs to the City of San Antonio, and is not part of the land in and along Mud Creek that was ceded to The Springs by Lumberman's Development several years ago. The small stretch of land between the border fence and Mud Creek is designated as utility easement (sewer and electrical) by the City, and is actually used as the location of the main sewer line that is located behind the entire east and south borders of The Springs.

Springs residents on your side of Granite Spring (the west side) have the same privacy issues that the residents on the opposite side of The Springs now have with the almost-completed subdivision east of us, The Villages of Stone Oak. The Village's 2-story homes overlook the backyards of Springs residents living on the east side of Pearl Spring. Those Springs residents likewise have the option of installing shrubs and trees to increase their level of privacy, and also must do so on their side of the border fence, since the property on the other side of that fence belongs to the Villages of Stone Oak.

Hope the above information assists you in your quest for more privacy as the Walgreen's facility is constructed.
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